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Senior Leadership Team

Program Managers

Rayleen Bingham

Section 8 Program Manager

903-893-2161 x3521

Evan Brown

WAP Program Manager

903-893-2161 x3526

Mary Browning-Rodriguez

2-1-1 Program Manager

903-893-2161 x3582

Stephanie Davidson, CFM

Criminal Justice & Emergency Planning Program Manager

903-893-2161 x3509

Beth Eggar

9-1-1 Program Manager

903-893-2161 x3551

Kenisha Golston

CEAP/CSBG Program Manager

903-893-2161 x3553

Molly Guard

GIS & Planning Program Manager

903-893-2161 x3527

Rodrigo Muyshondt

AAA Financial Manager

903-893-2161 x3518

Virginia Rhodes

Senior Corps Program Manager

903-893-2161 x3574

Marsha Wilson

ADRC Program Manager

903-893-2161 x3596

Program Staff

Deborah Adams

Managing Local Ombudsman

903-893-2161 x3578

Ashley Barrera

Energy Services Specialist

903-893-2161 x3545

Shawnee Bartlett

Database Management Specialist

903-893-2161 x3546

Holly Booth

Care Coordination Specialist

903-893-2161 x3503

Michelle Brown

Energy Services Specialist

903-893-2161 x3600

Nick Brown

Lead Inspector

903-893-2161 x3569

Terry Carr

Energy Services Specialist

903-893-2161 x3502

Christen Chaffin

FSS/Homeownership Coordinator

903-893-2161 x3538

Dana Colston

Energy Services Program Assistant

903-893-2161 x3541

Caylee Conger

ADRC Housing Volunteer

903-893-2161 x3586

Michael Costello

Energy Services Specialist

903-893-2161 x3601

Jeannie Davis

Section 8 Program Specialist

903-893-2161 x3525

Anita Haliburton

I&R Specialist

903-893-2161 x3548

Miranda Harp

Public Safety Specialist

903-893-2161 x3552

Vicky Hestand

Senior Corps Specialist

903-893-2161 x3587

Judy Hunt

Information & Referral Specialist

903-893-2161 x3505

Catherine Krantz

Program Planner

903-893-2161 x3565

Mandy Krebs

Care Coordination Specialist

903-893-2161 x3507

Diana Leggett

Ombudsman Specialist

903-893-2161 x3508

Bill McCormick

Benefits Counseling Specialist

903-583-1234 x2

Bobbie McDonald

CSBG Casework Specialist

903-893-2161 x3591

Cory Morris


903-893-2161 x3528

Carol Noreen

Energy Services Program Specialist

903-893-2161 x3588

Sophia Pedraza

FSS/Homeownership Coordinator

903-893-2161 x3535

Sandy Phelps

ADRC Receptionist

903-893-2161 x3559

Jacob Samford

Weatherization Assistance Program Specialist

903-893-2161 x3530

Melinda Sinor

I&R Specialist

903-893-2161 x3571

Vicki Stover

Accounting & Finance Specialist

903-893-2161 x3534

Stevi Stowers

Energy Services Specialist

903-893-2161 x3348

Alison Tesney

I&R Specialist

903-893-2161 x3533

Sheila Vaughn

Benefits Counseling Specialist

903-893-2161 x3580

Nathan Voight

Professional Technical Specialist

903-893-2161 x3557

Amy Willits

ADRC Navigator

903-893-2161 x3581