Accounting & Finance Specialist
July 27, 2022


The Finance Director is responsible for directing and overseeing all activities, functions and operations of the COG’s Finance Department including all aspects of financial, and procurement operations.  Responsible for managing and directing cash management, grant accounting, grant & contract compliance, and procurement of goods and services.


  1. Reports to: Executive Director
  2. Directs: Finance Department Staff
  3. Other: Collaborates with TCOG staff, outside auditors, federal, state and local agencies and officials, TCOG Audit & Finance Committee, TCOG Governing Board, and the general public.


The essential duties of this position include but are not limited to the following performance measures:

  1. Direct departmental staff, including assigning and planning work, ensuring training, evaluating performance and making recommendations on hiring, firing, and disciplining;
  2. Develop and manage COG budget, including preparation and presentation of the annual budget;
  3. Monitor expenditures and verify accuracy as a precursor to program compliance/reporting activities.
  4. Develop, monitor and report on the annual program budget contracts;
  5. Collaborate on COG’s strategic planning;
  6. Develop and maintain fiscal internal control procedures and accounting and financial management;
  7. Ensure accurate and timely reporting of financial results of operations, including preparing monthly, annual and ad hoc financial reports;
  8. Maintain accurate chart of accounts and accounting records;
  9. Ensure timely preparation of requisitions, requests for payments, and similar documents to funding agencies;
  10. Ensure timely reimbursement of subcontractors and payments to suppliers;
  11. Coordinate and assist external auditors with the COG annual audits and assists state and federal agency representatives during financial monitoring visits;
  12. Monitor the Purchase of goods and services including reviewing bid specifications requests for proposals, purchase orders and contracts;
  13. Review and approval of purchase orders;
  14. Maintain inventories of property and equipment;
  15. Ensure compliance with federal and state laws and regulations regarding record retention and destruction;
  16. Ensure compliance with investment policy as approved by the COG Governing Body.
  17. Uniformly and consistently execute policies and procedures adopted by the Governing Body.

Other Important Duties and Responsibilities: Perform other duties and responsibilities as required or assigned.


Must have knowledge of generally accepted accounting principles; governmental accounting practices and procedures; local, state and federal regulations applicable to grants administration and local government structure and intergovernmental relations. Also desired: supervisory experience; finance administration and coordinating the fiscal function within federal and state laws and an emphasis on the importance of implementing internal controls within federal and state laws; effective communication skills in both written and oral formats; work effectively with other employees, member government staff, officials, and the public; must possess a thorough understanding of accounting procedures with an emphasis on fund accounting and a proven ability to manage a double entry, accrual basis, accounting system; the ability to compile and analyze fiscal information and to make recommendations; ability to advise management concerning risk assessment and liability concerns.


Master’s degree in accounting, finance or a related field, plus a minimum of 6 years of progressive professional accounting/finance experience, or equivalent combination of education and experience including supervisory experience; government accounting experience preferred.


Appropriate driver’s license or available alternate means of transportation.

Salary Range: $78,000- $117,397