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TCOG Launches Affordable Housing Website Geared for Elderly, Disabled, and More

TCOG Launches Affordable Housing Website Geared for Elderly, Disabled, and More

KTEN Report

SHERMAN, TX — If you’ve been on the hunt for an affordable place to rent, TCOG Texoma Council of Governments may have a solution for you.

They recently launched a free website aimed at helping both the elderly and disabled to find a new home.

At the age of 73, Barbara McCollum will soon be leaving behind precious memories collected through the years in her quaint Sherman home, all because she no longer can afford it.

“It’s just impossible really for elders to get decent affordable housing,” said McCollum.

Like many seniors, McCollum is retired and has to live on a fixed income, but a recent $250 hike in her rent is forcing her to move out, and the search for a new place hasn’t been easy.

“I’ve been looking for the past few months, actually since last year, that’s how hard it is, and there’s such a long waiting list too,” she said.

That waiting list is for section 8 and public housing.

“It’s about a one to two year waiting time before anyone can get in,” said Janet Karam, TCOG Program Manager.

However, a new website called TXHousingSearch.org launched by the TCOG’s Aging and Disability Resource Center, is hoping to fill that need for more affordable housing, geared towards the elderly and disabled, but also friendly for anyone to use.

“We needed a database to get people connected,” said Karam.

The free and easy to use site, which also has a toll free number for those who don’t have access to a computer, will act like a liaison between property providers and renters, providing a centralized location for both parties to either list or search with just a few clicks.

“Definitely easy to navigate,” said McCollum.

The site will have detailed listings for 12 northeast Texas counties, and you can specify your search based on your needs and budget.

“Caregivers can help search for their families, families can search if they’re looking to move, or agencies,” said Karam.

The freshly launched website currently has a little over 1000 listings, but TCOG hopes it will quickly populate, so they can better serve those in need.

For the link to the website, click here.

Toll free number for TXHousingSearch – 1.877.428.8844

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