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Emergency Planning

The Homeland Security Advisory Committee works with TCOG and the Office of the Governor, Homeland Security Grant Division, to facilitate Homeland Security Funding when awarded to our region.


Hurricanes Katrina and Rita ravage the Gulf Coast. A tornado wipes most of Greensburg, Kansas off the map. Catastrophic floods ravage Cooke and Grayson Counties, killing five people and destroying hundreds of properties at the cost of millions of dollars. A bus skids off the US Highway 75 overpass, crashes through the guardrail, leaving seventeen people dead and many more injured.

Events like these make us all aware of how important it is to plan for emergencies, both to prevent them when possible and to respond to them when they happen despite our best prevention efforts. TCOG's Emergency Planning Program works closely with the Governor’s Division of Emergency Management, regional first responders, and policymakers to develop and maintain both a regional response plan and a catastrophic communications plan.

Additional Services

TCOG staff is also responsible for administering the grant process for the Governor’s Office homeland security funds.

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Homeland Security Advisory Committee

Homeland Security Advisory Committee Members
Hon. Randy Moore
County Judge - Fannin County
Honorable Janet Gott
Mayor - City of Denison
Vice Chairman
Hon. H.L. Compton
Mayor - City of Bonham
Mr. Moises Duran
Emergency Management Coordinator - City of Sherman
Mr. Ray Fletcher
Emergency Management Coordinator - Cooke County
Mr. Troy Hudson
Emergency Management Coordinator - Fannin County Office of Emergency Management
Mr. Chris Hughes
Emergency Management Coordinator - Bonham Police Department
Mr. Gregg Loyd
Fire Chief / Emergency Management Coordinator - City of Denison
Honorable Bill Magers
County Judge - Grayson County
Honorable David Plyler
Mayor - City of Sherman
Ms. Sarah Somers
Emergency Management Coordinator - Grayson County
Honorable Steve Starnes
County Judge - Cooke County
Mr. Wayne Twiner
Fire Chief / Emergency Management Coordinator - City of Gainesville

HSAC Agendas & Minutes


Meeting Minutes

No Homeland Security Advisory Committee Meeting minutes are available.